What makes Mordillo's prints so exceptional?

Why should I purchase a Limited Edition Print?

Mordillo Limited Edition prints, known as "Mordillo Collection", provide a good start to building your affordable art collection. Limited Editions are exactly that. Limited. Once they are sold they are never repeated. Potentially their value may increase when edition is sold out.

As the original artworks are generally not available for sale, Limited Edition prints are the only opportunity to collect Mordillo's work.

What is the size of the Limited Edition?

The key to a Limited Edition is the number of prints produced. Generally, the lower the number of prints, the better is their collectible appeal and long term rarity value for the benefit of collectors.

Limited Edition art prints are strictly limited to a specific number and no further Limited Edition prints will ever be produced from the same artwork.

Mordillo Limited Editions are available as signed and unsigned.

Signed Original Prints are produced in edition size of 200 to 295 prints, with addition of 10 to 20 artist proofs (AP) and 2 to 5 printer proofs (PP).

Embossed (unsigned) Original Prints are produced in edition size of 450 to 950 prints, with addition of 25 artist proofs (AP).

Authenticity of each print, how it is guaranteed?

Signed Original Prints are personally numbered and signed by Mordillo in pencil. For the purpose of control and protection, each print has a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed personally by Mordillo, and it is embossed with Mordillo Collection logo. Both print and certificate, are tagged with a tamper-proof serialized hologram registered in publisher's database to protect against fraud.

Embossed Original Prints are numbered and embossed with Mordillo signature and Mordillo Collection logo. Accompanied Certificate of Authenticity is signed by the Publisher.

What technique does the artist use in his original artwork?

Mordillo commenced his career in 1948 and since then he used a number of different techniques to produce his illustrations and animations. Until 2007 his favourite drawing media was ink. Since then, mainly for the reason of ink's low colour fastness, he started using acrylic and pastel, often in combination of both. He is also using archival quality pencils, pens, crayons and markers. His favourite drawing substrate is Canson art paper.

What techniques does Mordillo use?

All Mordillo Original Prints are printed with 12 color pigment ink set on 350gsm Hahnemuhle Museum Etching 100% cotton paper, which is considered to be the best archival quality art paper in the world.  

Color permanence of this print is rated above 95 years* on display or over 300 years in dark storage.

All Mordillo Original Prints are produced to Digital Master Print® standard, the highest standard currently available in fine art reproduction (www.artpetrus.com).

* Information is based on a standard home illumination of 450 to 500 lux with displayed prints professionally framed under the glass to conservation standard (www.wilhelm-research.com).