There will be another Mordillo Exhibition in Linz this autumn!

Galerie Buchinger will be holding their vernissage on November the 9th 2022


St Pölten loves Mordillo

Galerie Maringer will be holding their vernissage from 10-13h on 5 March 2022 and everyone is welcome.

Mordillo limited edition prints will be on display and for sale.

Galerie Maringer Herrenplatz 3 St. Pölten 3100 Austria


From 2 March to 2 June 2019, at the Museum of Nervi, Genoa, Italy.

Over 100 Mordillo originals

Limited Editions for sale




9 February 2019 to 20 May 2019

Juventus Museum, Juventus Football Club S.p.A. Via Druento, 175 Torino - Italia

Telling the story of the 'beautiful game' is a complex task, one that over time has been attempted by great writers, great photographers, as well as great cartoonists - something that is reflected in the exhibition - "Gulp! Goal! Ciak! Calcio e Fumetti", which is dedicated to the world of football in comics.

The new exhibition created at Juventus Museum, curated by Luca Raffaelli, will have a "twin" exhibition at the Museo del Cinema in Turin, dedicated to the parallel between comic strip and film camera. With the key question of the exhibit - "How can the story of the passion for football be expressed in this particular narrative in different ways and styles?"

Credit: Juventus FC

Entry Euro20.




8 December 2018 to 3 February 2019

Centro Culturale Santa Maria della Pietà

Piazza Giovanni XXIII - CREMONA, 26100 Cremona, Italy
 more than 130 original artworks, limited edition prints plus much more.
Free entry.


The Very Optimistic Pessimist

2017 September 24 - 2018 January 7: LudwigGalerie Schloss, Oberhausen, Germany

2016 September to date: Galerie Augustin, Innsbruck, Austria

2016 September to date: Galerie Augustin, Vienna, Austria

2014 February to date: AIDA Cruise Ships, Germany


2017 July - August: Isle of Sylt, Germany

2014 April - November: Karikature Museum, Krems, Austria

2014 March - April: Kempinsky Hotel, Dresden, Germany

2011 - February 2012 Museo Luzzati, Genova, Italy

2011  Buenos Aires - Argentina

2009 June - September: Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

2007 December: Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 Kruishoutem, Belgium

2005 October - April 2006: Boblingen, Germany

2005 Itinerant Exhibition in Argentina

2003 December - January 2004: Chinese People's Military Museum, Peking, China

2001 October - January 2002:  Musee Peynet Et Du Dessin Humoristique, Antibes, France

1992  Altonaer Museum, Hamburg, Germany

1989 Palau Solleric, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

1977  Salon de L'Humour, Montreal, Canada

1975 Galeria Nartex, Barcelona, Spain

1975 Moscow, Soviet Union

1974  La Galere, Paris, France

 Kempinsky Hotel, Dresden, Germany