About Us

Studio ART PETRUS was founded in 2005 in Monaco. In a never ending pursuit for perfection, with over 30 years of experience in photography and printing, we have built one of the world's most advanced facilities providing digitization and printing services for artists, museums and galleries all over Europe.

Our relationship with Guillermo MORDILLO started in 2006 with digitization of his magnificent cartoons and in 2008, MORDILLO released his first Limited Editions Prints and our studio was awarded exclusive print contract.

Since then, MORDILLO works in close collaboration with us, from selection of artworks for sale, to signing of his Original Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

In 2014, we obtained the worldwide exclusive rights to publish and print MORDILLO's cartoons in the form of Original Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

All Limited Edition Prints are produced in close collaboration with MORDILLO who personally inspects and endorses each print.


"After 42 years, I finally found a master printer and publisher who produces my prints at a quality level which matches my originals..."    Mordillo