Printmaking & Packaging

Printmaking Perfection

We are very proud of our prints. Why? Because they are the best in the world.
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To create a perfect print, a perfect scan of the original is essential.We use the best scanner in the world, CRUSE, made in Wachtberg, Germany. Equipment and techniques used for digitizing produces an image are:

  • in exact 1:1 scale with the original
  • with equipment colour accuracy


  • Image adjustments are performed at 100% size and include colour matching of the original with proofs produced with a printer, ink set and substrate designated for the final reproduction
  • Original artwork is available during the whole image preparation process


Colour matching and printing is performed with 100% accurate colour management












  • Minimum output resolution is 2400dpi which achieves image definition and clarity
  • Ink set is pigment based with archival quality properties and is tested and certified
  • Printer calibration ensures consistency


Prints with aqueous based inks protected with professionally applied archival quality varnish tested and certified.



Every artwork is printed on Hahnemühle100% cotton museum etching paper. A Certificate of Authenticity  accompanies the artwork to provide 100% peace of mind  to support legitimacy and to protect against fraud. The certificate details artist and artwork name, dimensions of the original and print, edition number, origin of the digital image and equipment used, printer's name, description of the substrate, ink system and finishing, Artist or authorized agent signature, date.


The final print is of the highest quality and with marginal difference to the original. Both the artist and printer, must be completely satisfied that they cannot achieve a better result.

Each print takes approximately 2 hours to create and are printed on demand and has a lifetime guarantee.

These standards guarantee production of a DIGITAL MASTER PRINT ®, the best print in the world.

Perfect Packaging

We use only the best packaging products so you can have peace of mind.
The structurally stable design of the heavy duty flat packaging provides a superior cushion for your artwork, protected through transport shipping and handling. 
  • Shockproof
  • Reinforced edges
  • Highly stiffened corners
  • Triple wall flat packaging
  • Archival acid free protective tissue paper
  • Water and heat resistant packaging tape 
  • Anti static and water resistant cellophane sealed sleeve
  • Adjustable height to ensure perfect fit with no internal movement of artwork